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This is only applicable if you are configuring ServiceConnect on a CMIC.

Remote access devices provide the ability for Teradata Customer Services Analysts to directly connect to specific devices via the ServiceConnect gateways in a secure fashion. Several remote access devices may be configured during initial ServiceConnect configuration based on the managed nodes and systems in the Server Management domain (including a connection to the SWS if one is available). When adding remote access devices, each gateway is configured similarly so as to make the remote connection available on redundant gateways from the Enterprise Server.

  1. In the Web Client, select "" > Settings > Remote Access.
  2. Click Add Device.
  3. Select the Model, Name, and Host.
    Teradata recommends using the default device name provided, if possible. If manually configuring the device names, make sure they start with the SiteID and that they are descriptive of the connection endpoint or device model used. The redundant gateway configuration requires that this name be SITEID01_SWS.
  4. Enter the Host IP address or name of the remote access device, then click Save.
  5. If host validation is required, select Validate Host.
    If validation of the IP address fails, the remote device will not be added. If you wish to save the configuration and diagnose connectivity problems later, uncheck Validate Host and Save again.