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Teradata Vantageā„¢ on Azure (DIY) Installation and Administration Guide

Teradata Vantage on Azure
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You may encounter Azure-related issues during or after deployment when deploying a Teradata ecosystem from a solution template or when deploying Teradata products separately on Azure. To get more information about the error, access the Summary page from the Azure portal.

To troubleshoot common Azure deployment errors and view deployment operations with Azure Resource Manager, see the Azure Documentation Center.

Potential Validation Failed Errors During Deployment

Error Solution
BadRequest Additional information displays with this error because there are various causes.

One possible cause displays: BadRequest: Offer with PublisherId: teradata, OfferId: teradata-xxxxxx-xxxx cannot be purchased due to validation errors. See details for more information. We could not find a credit card on file for your Azure subscription. Please make sure a valid credit card is associated to your Azure Subscription. To resolve this issue, contact your User Access Administrator to verify you have the proper access to your subscriptions. After changing your subscription type or adding a valid credit card number to your Azure subscription, try the deployment again.

Not Available A tooltip message displays with this error because there are various causes. This error may be due to the VM size not being available in your region.
QuotaExceeded Increase your Azure service limits. The error contains information for the quota type that needs increasing, such as Core. See Azure Service Limits.

Troubleshooting Failures During Deployment

From the Azure portal, select the Deployment blade to check if the failure is transient, such as the VM failed to deploy on time. Depending on the nature of the failure, you can delete the newly deployed VM if there were issues with any resources. To further troubleshoot, do the following:
  1. From the Azure portal, navigate to the resource group.
  2. Click the failed deployment.
  3. Scroll down to the oldest failed event, and click the event to see details.
  4. If the error appears to be transient, remove the resource group if it does not contain any other resources outside the Vantage deployment, and then try the deployment again.
  5. If the error is not transient, contact your company's cloud administrator for assistance or open an Azure support request.