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June 2017
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Analytical Ecosystem
You can edit a role, but you cannot change the name of an existing role. To change the name, you must either add a new role or copy the role, and then change the role name.
  1. From the Roles Manager view, select a role from the list. The General tab appears.
  2. [Optional] Select Enable role to activate the role for use in Teradata Viewpoint.
  3. [Optional] Enter a description, up to 255 characters.
  4. [Optional] Under Portal Permissions, select Enable rewind to grant permission for this role to use the rewind feature, when available.
  5. [Optional] Specify notifications that appear in the Teradata Viewpoint portal for users assigned to the role. For more information, see Notifications.
  6. Click Apply.
  7. [Optional] Specify additional role settings on each of the tabs.
    Tabs Description
    Systems Enable or disable the systems available to the role, select the metrics to display for each system, and configure Secure Zones. For more information, see Secure Zones.
    Portlets Enable or disable portlets for a role, select permissions, and configure default settings for each portlet.

    Control whether users in this role can modify their own settings and share customized versions of the portlet with other users, and configure which portlet features the role can access.

    Portlets must also be enabled in Portlet Library.
    Web Services Enable or disable access to each web service for this role and select permissions.
    Users Specify users that are assigned to the role.