16.10 - Overview Tab for Teradata Database - Teradata Viewpoint

Teradata Viewpoint User Guide

Teradata Viewpoint
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June 2017
English (United States)
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The Overview Tab displays information for a QueryGrid query that was initiated by or is a target of a Teradata Database system.

QueryGrid Information

Metric Description Type
System Name of the initiating or target system String
Connector Point from which the query originates or ends String
Software version The version of the connector String
Network The logical network used for this side of the data transfer String

Session Information

Metric Description Type
User User who submitted the query String
Query ID ID of the query String
Session Number Number of the session String
Request Number Number of the request String
Host ID Host ID or LAN ID associated with the PE that processed the login request for the session String

Query Information

Metric Description Type
State State of the query String
Duration Amount of time the query has been running (HH:MM:SS) Number
Workload Workload in which the query is running String
Request CPU Total request CPU (seconds) Number
Request I/O Total request I/O count Number