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Release Number
June 2017
English (United States)
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Product Category
Analytical Ecosystem
The details view displays a graph, statistics, and information about a selected query. Choose a metric from the metrics list to display one query as a line graph.
Metrics List
The list of metrics that can be graphed are as follows: CPU Skew, Impact CPU, I/O Skew, PJI, CPU Delta, I/O Delta, Spool, and Unnecessary I/O.
Date-Range Slider

A slider used to control the amount of data displayed in the graph. The slider appears for longer queries.

The darker-shaded area between the slider handles represents the current date range displayed in the graph.

Metrics Graph
Charts selected metric for a query using Explain steps. As you mouse over the graph, information balloons display query values.
Time Marker

A marker that pinpoints information about a query at a particular point in time. Used to rewind time in the rewind toolbar when Control Rewind is enabled. Determines the data displayed in the Snapshot and Blocked By tabs.

Job Steps

Numbers that denote the Explain step that occurs between the dashed lines in the graph. Job steps are shown just below the graph area. Overlapping steps or steps-within-steps are not shown.

When there is not enough room to display individual steps, the numbers are grouped together. For example, you might see 1, 2, 3, 4, 8. Step 8 represents steps 5, 6, 7, and 8.

Provides important query details on the Overview , SQL , Explain , Blocked By , and Snapshot tabs.
Query Details
Displays details of the selected query in sections that are specific to each tab.
Allows you to move through sessions without returning to the summary table.
Time Frame
Displays the date and time duration of the query.
Skyline blocks represent a metric over the duration of the designated query step. For Impact CPU this metric is the average Delta CPU. For Unnecessary I/O it is the average Delta IO. No other metrics display skyline data.