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June 2017
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You can only edit collect settings for a single statistic.
  1. From the Statistics tab, select a database row.
  2. Select an object row. The Statistics view appears.
  3. Do one of the following to edit a single statistic:
    • Click and click Edit Collect Settings.
    • Click a statistic row which displays the Statistic Details view, and click Actions > Edit Collect Settings
  4. To define the collect settings, do any of the following:
    • Select System-defined if you want Teradata Database to decide the settings.
    • Select User-defined if you want to specify the settings.
    • Select None if you do not want thresholds or a sampling method.
  5. If you select User-defined, edit the following settings:
    Option Setting Description
    Threshold Collect age threshold A collection is not performed if the last collection was done within the specified number of days.
    Data change threshold A collection is not performed unless the data set has changed at or above the specified percentage since the last collection.
    Sampling Sampling method A histogram is generated using the specified percentage of the actual data.

    For more information about sampling, see Teradata Database Administration.

    Histogram Max interval Specify the maximum number of histogram intervals to be used for the collected statistics.
    Max value length Specify the maximum size for histogram values.

    For single-character statistics on CHARACTER and VARCHAR columns, specify the number of characters, otherwise specify the number of bytes.

  6. Click OK.