16.10 - Statistics Integration - Teradata Viewpoint

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June 2017
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The Stats Manager portlet works with the Teradata Database and Viewpoint server to help reduce the impact of statistics management. The following describes the major components and how they work together.
Teradata Database
All analyze and collect job processing and statistics management action processing is done by the Teradata Database. This database also contains the TDStats database used by the Stats Manager portlet.
This database contains additional information related to statistics management, such as the statistics that are automated, object scope lists for jobs, collect lists, job reports, and statistic recommendations. The TDStats database is updated when a job runs, a job completes, or when an action, such as automating a statistic, occurs.
Teradata Viewpoint Data Collection Service (DCS)
The DCS takes information from the Teradata Database and stores it in the local cache database for use by the Stats Manager portlet. The DCS is also used for job scheduling and initiating jobs. If the DCS is not running, scheduled jobs will not run.
Local Cache Database
This database contains all information that can be displayed in the Stats Manager portlet. The database is updated when a job completes, when an action such as Automate is performed, or when the Stats Manager collector runs. The local cache database makes data available quickly without impacting the Teradata Database.
Stats Manager portlet
The Stats Manager portlet lets you view the status of statistics, view the status of jobs that analyze and collect statistics, and configure settings for the statistics management process.
Monitored Systems portlet
The Monitored Systems portlet lets you specify the login identifier used for managing statistics, the frequency of data collection from TDStats, and the frequency of data clean up for TDStats.
The following diagram shows how data flows from Teradata Database to the Stats Manager portlet.