16.10 - Working with Portlets in the Portal - Teradata Viewpoint

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June 2017
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After you add a portlet from the Add Content screen, it appears on the portal page. The portlet name appears at the top of the portlet. The portlet frame contains portlet controls. Every portlet has an upper frame. Some portlets have a lower frame that appears when the cursor moves over the portlet.

From the Add Content screen, you can search for portlet names or keywords in the portlet descriptions using the search box .

Only one instance of the Viewpoint Calendar and Workload Designer portlet can be added to a page.

When multiple portlets are added to the same page, they are distributed in the two columns. Portlets that are two columns wide, such as the Workload Designer portlet, cannot be resized and always appear at the top of the portal page.

Most portlets can be resized horizontally, vertically, or both. Portlets have a minimum height and can be resized vertically using the control at the bottom of the portlet. Maximized portlets cannot be horizontally resized.