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June 2017
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Filters allow you to display only rows that match your filter criteria. You can narrow the search further by filtering on multiple columns. Depending on the portlet, you can:
  • Use greater than or less than symbols when filtering columns with numeric values. Exact matches may not produce the expected results due to rounding of numbers containing decimals.
  • Use wildcard characters or symbols in the filter to include number or word variations in the filter match.
  • Use the filter bar to display only specific states, severity levels, or time periods.

Sorting allows you to change the order of rows in a table based upon criteria in a column and applies across all pages of the table. Sort on a column by clicking the column header. A second click reverses the sort order. Sort on two columns consecutively by sorting the first column and then using Ctrl+Click once in the column header of the second column. Using Ctrl+Click one time sets the secondary sort order. Primary sort order is indicated by a single arrow, and secondary sort order is indicated by a double arrow. The secondary sort order is removed when the primary or secondary sort column has been modified. After modification, you see a single arrow to indicate the secondary sort order has been removed.

In portlets that can be maximized, the filtering, sorting, and page number settings that you choose for the default or minimized view are not used when you switch to the maximized view.