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June 2017
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The Week view displays all events falling between Sunday and Saturday of the selected week. In this view, only one day of the week can be expanded at a time. The selected day can include one or more event summaries. The summary shows the event start and end times, and the event title. The remaining days are collapsed into narrow columns. Click in any day column to expand and display a different day of the week. Today's date is shaded darker if it falls within the selected week.

From the Week view, you can see event details by clicking anywhere in the event summary or event indicator. Events scheduled on other days of the week are indicated by a vertical line located at the scheduled time in the appropriate day column.
Buttons Description
Add Event Opens the Add Event dialog box to add an event to the calendar.
Today Opens the monthly calendar that includes today.
Displays the Week view. If you click the date (number), the selected day is expanded in the Week view.
Displays the Month view.
Displays the previous week.
Displays the next week.