16.10 - Creating and Editing a Workload - Teradata Viewpoint

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June 2017
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You can group queries that share characteristics into a workload for an Teradata Aster system so that a set of workload management controls can be applied to the group.

Service classes are an attribute you assign to each workload to control query prioritization. Consider creating service classes prior to starting this procedure so you can specify the service class when you create a workload.

WD-Default is the default workload that is applied to queries not classified into a specific workload. If you edit the default workload, you can change the service class, but not the predicate.

  1. Edit or create a ruleset.
  2. From the ruleset toolbar, click Workloads.
  3. Next to Workloads, click .
  4. Enter a name. The workload is enabled by default.
  5. Create a WHERE clause and use the menu to select attributes for the workload predicate. When specifying the predicate, you can use existing UDFs, SQL operators, workload management attributes, and AND and OR conjunctions.
  6. Specify a service class.
  7. Click Save.
  8. [Optional] Set the evaluation order for workloads.
  9. [Optional] Create services classes for workloads. After you create service classes, consider editing existing workloads to apply those service classes.