16.10 - Dynamic Pipes View - Teradata Viewpoint

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Teradata Viewpoint
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June 2017
English (United States)
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The Dynamic Pipes view helps you analyze workload performance.

Navigation Icons: You can click them to access the summary views.
State Matrix: Shows the changes in state, planned environment, or health condition during the cumulative sampling time frame. In SLES 11, you can click it to see details about the current state and previous states.
Request Icons: Shows the active and delayed requests. You can click them to see more detail.
Ruleset: Displays the name of the active ruleset.
Sampling Time Frame Control
Filters the system information for the selected sampling time frame.
Virtual Partition List
In SLES 11, filters the system information for the selected virtual partition or all virtual partitions.
Modifies the active workload display. If there are more than 18 workloads, they are grouped by EP in SLES 10 and by tier/access level in SLES 11.
Workload Pane
Displays workloads, based on the filter criteria, and several interactive indicators:
  • Red workload pipes highlight workloads that missed their SLGs.
  • You can click the workload name to see the workload details view and access cumulative, snapshot, and trend data for each workload.
  • A pulsing circle near the workload name indicates that a workload is adding requests to the delay queue.
Request Status Icons
Shows the number of requests processed at each step, including at system filters and throttles. You can click the values associated with these icons to see more detail.