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Teradata Warehouse Miner Model Manager User Guide

Teradata Warehouse Miner
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November 2017
English (United States)
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Administrators can view Model Manager application logs and set the log level. The log level determines the type of information recorded in the log. Each log entry is checked against the log level criteria before being recorded. The log level hierarchy is as follows:
Level Information Logged
OFF Nothing
SEVERE Exception traces and error messages
WARNING Warning messages
INFO Actions and application settings
CONFIG Not used
FINE Application debug messages
FINER SQL queries and method invocation
FINEST More application debug messages
ALL Everything

When a log level is selected, the log records all entries with the current log level and above. By default, the log level is set to INFO, so all log entries with INFO, WARNING and SEVERE levels are recorded in the log file.

Log files are rolled over based on file size criteria. The maximum log file size and the number of log files to keep are shown in the standard output of the application server when the server starts.This information can only be modified through the Java option flag when starting an application server.
Java Options Flag Default Units Units
-Dcom.teradata.modelmanager.log.size 5242880 bytes
-Dcom.teradata.modelmanager.log.count 30 files
-Dcom.teradata.modelmanager.log.level INFO