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There are five distinct graph types available for the Histogram analysis, once again depending upon the parameterization. These include the following:
  1. Single Column Histogram
  2. Single Column Histogram with Overlay
  3. Single Column Histogram with Statistics
  4. Single Column Histogram with Overlay and Statistics
  5. Multi-dimensional/Cross-tab Histogram

Additionally, when Boundaries or Bins with Boundaries is specified, the graphics show all data less than the lower bound in bin 0, and all data greater than the upper bound in bin n+1.

There are some practical limitations on the histogram graphs. These are documented below:
  • A Crosstab graph will provide the best display if the non-numeric values selected within the groups are limited to 8 and 15, depending on the number of columns selected.
  • If more than one column is selected in Overlay Columns, a graph is not available.
  • If more than five columns are selected as a Crosstab Column, no graph is available.
  • Show Overlay Counts and Show Bin Stats are mutually exclusive.
  • Only 15 overlay values can be shown at a time before they begin to overlap.
  • 3D is only available when the Show Overlay Counts option is selected, or Crosstab is selected with exactly two columns specified in Columns to Analyze.
  • Note that multi-dimensional graphs are not available when the Show Bin Stats option is selected for the Histogram analysis.