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Teradata Warehouse Miner User Guide - Volume 1Introduction and Profiling

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This analysis provides an interface for directly entering and running SQL commands, with several facilities provided to allow it to behave like other analyses in various ways. For example, when not using the Teradata Profiler product, a Free Form SQL analysis can be refreshed or published, either as an analysis that builds an analytic data set or as one that builds a score table, with the possibility even of creating a stored procedure from the SQL contained in it. For more information, see Procedure Options for Refresh (Teradata Database). Also, through the use of special substitution parameters and a data selector, other parts of the application can be given insight into the tables and columns used by or created by the otherwise “free-form” analysis. This insight allows such features as column limiting during refresh and referencing the Free Form SQL analysis for input to be provided (again, when not using the Teradata Profiler product).

The SQL specified in a Free Form SQL analysis can also be made to appear as a derived table, Table Function or Table Operator in the FROM clause of certain types of analysis by checking the Generate Sql Only option, and possibly the Table Function or Operator option, on the literal parameters tab of the Free Form SQL analysis. To do this, it is also necessary to reference the Free Form SQL analysis for input in an ADS or Reorganization analysis other than Variable Transformation. If a Free Form SQL analysis is used as an Analysis input source in this way, the Free Form SQL analysis must not create an output table or view, but rather, either select data or represent a Table Function or Operator. As when creating an output table or view, it should generally not be necessary however to use the data selection tab to determine the available columns created by a Free Form SQL analysis. This is because the output columns and types are automatically determined, if possible, by a special technique involving the Teradata Data Dictionary.

Use the following procedure to initiate Free Form SQL in Teradata Warehouse Miner.

  1. Click on the Add New Analysis icon in the toolbar.
    Add New Analysis from toolbar

  2. In the resulting Add New Analysis dialog box, click on Miscellaneous under Categories.
  3. Under Analyses double-click on Free Form SQL.
    Add New Analysis: Miscellaneous

    The Free Form SQL dialog box appears, in which you will enter INPUT options to parameterize the analysis, described in the following sections.