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Teradata Warehouse Miner User Guide - Volume 1Introduction and Profiling

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If the Teradata Warehouse Miner demonstration data has been installed, the tutorial examples described in the User Guide and Help System may be installed and executed to aid in learning about the product. Export files are provided that contain projects with these examples, are are in the Scripts/Tutorials path under the application folder where the Teradata Warehouse Miner product is installed.

To install these tutorial projects, the user can select Help > Import Tutorial Projects and map the twm_source and twm_results databases to the desired databases. The following figure shows the Import Tutorial Projects dialog, with both the Aster and Teradata related tutorials noted in red and orange, respectively:

Import Tutorial Projects

Aster Database

Included in the SQL-MR Examples tutorial is a project named Aster Tutorials - SQL-MR Examples, which contains more than 60 analyses. Some of these SQL-MR analyses contain Run Unit scripts that call ACT. Those analyses must be updated to supply login credentials and point to the path on the user system where ACT is installed, as shown in the following figure:

Run Unit Properties

The Install Aster Example Data analysis can use ACT to install the Aster SQL-MR example data (if it is not already installed on your system) in order for the tutorials to function properly. See the Aster Analytics Foundation User Guide for details on each SQL-MR analysis.

The SQL-MR Examples tutorial will take a few minutes longer to load than the other tutorials.