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Teradata Warehouse Miner User Guide - Volume 1Introduction and Profiling

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None of the fields on this screen is enabled when connected to an Aster database.

The primary index tab is only avaliable when connected to a Teradata database. The primary index tab below is available for most analyses that produce an output table containing user data (or more specifically, for analyses in the Reorganization and ADS categories other than Denorm and Refresh). The specific options are explained in the sections defining the output for specific analyses. The default selection is most typically determined by the primary index columns of the input table.

Output - Primary Index

The options displayed on the primary index tab are dependent on the options selected on the storage tab and the release of Teradata in use. In particular, no options are displayed on the primary index tab when creating a database view or explaining the query plan. Note, however, that options are displayed even when the output style is to select data and not create an output table. In this case, the primary index information is used if the analysis is referenced and changed to produce a volatile output table. The Additional Information text box can be used to specify a request for index partitioning, or in some cases, column partitioning. For more information about column partitioning, see Teradata Columnar Support (Teradata Database).

The option to Create Table with NO PRIMARY INDEX is displayed only when the release of Teradata in use is 13.00 or greater, and a table is being created or results are being selected. If this option is selected, the options relating to collecting statistics on the post processing tab described in Post Processing are not given.