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Teradata Warehouse Miner User Guide - Volume 1Introduction and Profiling

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Analyses or projects can be executed from the front-end by simply highlighting the project or analysis, and clicking Run, selecting the Project Menu > Run <Project/Analysis Name>, right-clicking on the analysis name and selecting the Run option, or pressing the Function F5 key. If an analysis is executing, other analyses can still be executed any open project. While an analysis is being executed, the analysis name will be highlighted gray and an “Executing” tag will display to its right, and status messages will begin to appear in the Execution Status area.

Projects can be executed in the same manner. Highlight a project and select one of the execution mechanisms as specified above. Analyses are executed in the sequence in which they appear in the project (with the possible exception that if an analysis refers to one or more analyses for its input, the analyses it refers to are executed before it is executed). Project execution ends when the last analysis within the project completes. If an error occurs during the execution of the project, all execution normally will stop, and subsequent analyses will not be executed. The user may, however, request that project execution continue on error by setting the Continue project execution upon analysis error option on the Execution tab access from the Tools > Preferences menu option.