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The Export Wizard allows the user to save a binary file containing Teradata Warehouse Miner projects and analyses metadata to a hard disk. This metadata can then be imported to a different metadata database on a different Teradata system.

To invoke the Export Wizard, open the project(s) that you wish to export.

  1. Click on File > Export....
    Export Wizard

    In this case, two projects were open under Teradata Warehouse Miner: Help Tutorials - Free Form SQL and Help Tutorials - Publishing. If the project window contains multiple projects when Export is selected, none of the projects or their contained attachments and analyses is initially selected.

  2. To export an entire project, click on the box next to the project name. Any number of projects can be saved to the same binary file.

    Optionally, select analyses can be exported. Note, however, that the parent project is always exported. Also, if an individual analysis is checked that contains input references to other analyses, the analyses referred to are automatically checked also.

    If there is only one project selected, that project is initially selected by default for export, along with everything it contains.

  3. To ensure that projects are not saved to metadata prior to exporting selected items to a file, check the Export Without Saving First. When a connection to the database is lost, use of this option may make it possible to save work (so that it is not lost as well), making it available to retrieve later using the File > Import option. However, even under normal conditions it may save time to use this option.
    This option is not available when the Export Wizard dialog is requested from the Metadata Maintenance dialog, since exported projects do not need to be saved first in this case.
  4. Click on Next to bring up the standard Windows Save dialog.
    Export Wizard: Save

  5. Type in the name of the binary file and click on Save to complete the export process.