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This tab provides information about the current Teradata ODBC connection, including the data source name, user name associated with the connection, default database of the current connection and the version of Teradata on the connected system.

Connection Properties: General tab

A text box is provided for entering any desired pre-execution commands. This is provided primarily to allow specification of the calendar to use for a session (for example, set session calendar=ISO;). The pre-execution commands, separated by semi-colons if more than one are specified, are executed once before a project is executed, once before a chain of referenced analyses is executed, or once before an individual analysis is executed. See Calendar Support (Teradata Database) for more details about this feature, especially regarding its effect on the stored procedure output option, executing algorithms and scoring, and publishing to the Model Manager application.

Aster Database

When connected to an Aster Database, the Analytics version installed on that system can be specified in order to use the correct argument names for SQL-MR functions.

Connection Properties: General tab (Aster)

  • Analytics Version — Select the desired Analytics version from the drop-down menu.

    By default, AA 6.20 or earlier is selected since the argument names for AA 6.20 or earlier are valid for AA 6.21 or later. However, if you have AA 6.21 or later installed, then you can set that as your Analytics version here.