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This section can be skipped by users of the Teradata Profiler product, since it does not include this function.
The Refresh analysis in the ADS category of analyses provides options to create and comment on a stored procedure, with or without parameters. This makes the option to create a stored procedure available to some functions for which the Output Storage option is not available, including the various Scoring functions, the Free Form SQL analysis and the Sample function. It also provides a number of capabilities not offered via the standard Output option to create a stored procedure, including the following:
  • Refresh includes the SQL for not only the analysis being “refreshed”, but for the entire chain of analyses, if any, referenced for input by the refreshed analysis.
  • Refresh not only supports parameters for output database and table but for anchor database and table, target date and literal parameters as well.
    For technical reasons, the inclusion of literal parameters in a generated stored procedure is provided only when the release of the Teradata DBMS is 12 or later.

    Parameters for these entities are included only if they are used and replaceable in the analysis being refreshed or in a referenced analysis. In particular, parameters for anchor database and table are not replaceable in an analysis that creates a score table or is a Variable Creation or Build ADS analysis that has no anchor columns selected.

  • If the Output Type of the analysis being refreshed is set to View, the stored procedure is created without parameters.
  • When parameters are not requested, or are not provided for some reason, the values assumed within the SQL of the stored procedure are either the current values or those explicitly requested by the Refresh analysis.
  • When refreshing a Scoring analysis with parameters requested, parameters are included automatically for the input database and table and the output database and table, unless the Scoring analysis refers to another analysis for input, in which case only the output database and table parameters are included, along with any parameters contributed by the referenced analyses.

    Even if a Variable Creation marked as a score analysis contains literal parameters or target date references, they will be treated as fixed literal values and not as parameters in any stored procedure built by refreshing the analysis.

  • When refreshing a Scoring analysis that offers options to score, evaluate or do both, a requested stored procedure will not include evaluation SQL but will include scoring SQL regardless of the option requested in the scoring analysis.
  • When refreshing a Free Form SQL analysis, the analysis is treated either as an analytic data set or scoring analysis, depending on options selected in the Free Form SQL analysis, with availability of parameters determined accordingly. That is, anchor table, target date and literal parameters are possible if the Creates Score Table option is not selected in the Free Form SQL analysis, and input and output database and tables are available otherwise.
    Any literal parameters must be used as literals in the free form SQL and not as database objects or other constructs, in order for any generated stored procedure to work.
  • When refreshing a Sample analysis that creates multiple tables or views, no parameters for output database and table are included.
  • When refreshing a Decision Tree Score analysis, the SQL to create profiling tables is not included in the stored procedure.