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Although individual analyses cannot be saved as they must exist in one and only one Teradata Warehouse Miner Project, they can be permanently removed by right-clicking on the analysis name within the Project Window and selecting the Delete option, or by selecting the Delete option from the Project menu when the analysis is highlighted. As this will permanently remove the analysis from the project, a confirmation dialog appears. If the analysis to be deleted is referred to either directly or indirectly by another analysis via an input, matrix or model reference, the verification message both counts and lists the names of the referencing analyses. Click OK to permanently delete the analysis or Cancel to abort the removal. The referencing analyses, if any, are not deleted.

If the Automatic Archive feature is selected on the Preferences dialog, a copy of the deleted analysis is saved in the standard automatic archive before it is deleted. The automatic archive facility is described in Metadata Maintenance, specifically in the portion describing the Archive button.

When the Save to Local Files option on the Connection Properties dialog is checked, removing an analysis means removing it from the Project Explorer work are, but not the export file with matching project name in its special folder.