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Teradata Warehouse Miner User Guide - Volume 1Introduction and Profiling

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As previously mentioned, a Teradata Warehouse Miner Data Mining project is a collection of available analyses. These analyses must exist in one and only one project. At any time, an entire project and all associated analyses can be saved via any of the following mechanisms:
  • File Menu
    • Save <Project> — Save the specified project and its contents, either to metadata tables or to export files in a special folder in the application work space. If another user has saved the same project to metadata in another session after the project was last saved or opened in this session, a message appears, along with an option to save a copy of the project, but the original project cannot be overwritten.
    • Save <Project> As — Save the specified project and its contents under a new name. Note that this option creates a new project containing copies of all analyses within the current project.
    • Save <Project> and Archive — Save the specified project and its contents along with archiving the project to an export file in the standard automatic archive. The automatic archive facility is described in Metadata Maintenance, specifically in the portion describing the Archive button.
    • Save All Projects — Save all of the currently open projects and their contents.
      Any of these options can be invoked either from the File menu on the Toolbar or from the right-click menu in the Project window. When a project is closed, when the connection to the Teradata database is changed, or when the application is exited, the user is prompted to save anything not currently saved using the following dialog.
      Save Changes to Project

      If the box next to the project is checked, it is saved along with all analyses. Alternately, click to uncheck the box to disable the save for any particular project. Then click on one of the following buttons:
      • Yes — Save all indicated projects
      • No — Do not save anything and continue with the operation that caused the save.
      • Cancel — Cancels the command without saving and returns to the application.