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Teradata Warehouse Miner supports standard ASCII character object names, as well as Teradata special characters (such as White Space, Asterisk, etc.) and 8-bit characters. All SQL generated by Teradata Warehouse Miner contains double quotes around Teradata object names. Multi-byte object names are also supported.

Beginning with Teradata 14.10, a system option is available in the DBS Control Record to allow object names to have up to 128 Unicode characters rather than the usual 30 characters of the default character set. When this Teradata release and option is in use, Teradata Warehouse Miner supports these Extended Object Names for input databases, tables, columns and indexes. Output databases, tables, columns and procedures are still limited to 30 characters however.

One limitation of Extended Object Name support is that, when publishing, an Input Database, Input Table, Anchor Database or Anchor Table with an Extended Option Name will be truncated to 30 characters. These names must be manually restored by the user to their full value in the Model Manager using the Edit feature.

Object names with trailing spaces are not supported in Teradata Warehouse Miner. This is in part because some database help information is returned with object names padded with spaces which must be removed, making it difficult to find a match if the real object names have one or more trailing spaces.
Temporary or work tables and views created by Teradata Warehouse Miner usually begin with “_twm”, so it is recommended to not begin object names with these characters.