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Teradata Warehouse Miner User Guide - Volume 3Analytic Functions

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February 2018
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Unless MLF was specified, a scree plot is generated.

  1. On the Factor Analysis dialog box, click RESULTS.
  2. Click scree plot.
    The RESULTS tab is grayed-out/disabled until after the analysis is completed.
    Factor Analysis > Results > Scree Plot

    A definition of the word scree is a heap of stones or rocky debris, such as at the bottom of a hill. So in a scree plot the object is to find where the plotted points flatten out, in order to determine how many Principal Component or Principal Axis factors should be retained in the factor analysis model (the scree plot does not apply to Maximum Likelihood factor analysis). The plot shows the eigenvalues of each factor in descending order from left to right. Since the eigenvalues represent the amount of variance in the original variables is explained by the factors, when the eigenvalues flatten out in the plot, the factors they represent add less and less to the effectiveness of the model.