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Teradata Warehouse Miner User Guide - Volume 3Analytic Functions

Teradata Warehouse Miner
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February 2018
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  1. On the Factor Scoring dialog box, click RESULTS.
  2. Click reports (note that the RESULTS tab is disabled until after the analysis is completed).
    Factor Scoring > Results > Reports

    • Resulting Scored Table — Name of the scored table - equivalent to Result Table Name.
    • Number of Rows in Scored Table — Number of rows in the Resulting Scored Table.
    • Evaluation — Model evaluation for factor analysis consists of computing the standard error of estimate for each variable based on working backwards and re-estimating their values using the scored factors. Estimated values of the original data are made using the factor scoring equation = XCT where is the estimated raw data, X is the scored data, and C is the factor pattern matrix or rotated factor pattern matrix if rotation was included in the model. The standard error of estimate for each variable y in the original data Y is then given by:

      where each is the estimated value of each variable y, n is the number of observations and p is the number of factors.