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Teradata® Warehouse Miner™ User Guide - Volume 2ADS Generation

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November 2018
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The purpose of Analytic Data Set functions is to build a data set table or view. Each Variable Creation and Variable Transformation analysis creates a table or view to be joined together into a final data set table. This duty is performed by the Build ADS analysis.

The Build ADS analysis has similar functionality to the Join analysis in the Reorganization group of analyses. However, it is distinguished by the following differences.

  • A join table or view is not required, so that it may operate on a single table or view.
  • Tables are joined together via Join Paths as in a Variable Creation analysis.
  • By using Join Paths, Build ADS allows the use of Cross Join as a Join Style.
  • By using Join Paths, the Join Style can be set differently for different tables.
  • By using Join Paths, comparison operators may be set individually in Join Steps.
  • By using Join Paths, Build ADS allows the Join clause to be omitted (relying on conditions in the Where clause or, if none are specified, producing a cross join).
  • Optional Anchor Table replacement is available in conjunction with the Refresh and Publish analyses (the Anchor Table being the table that others are joined to).
Although the Variable Creation analysis can be used in place of Build ADS, Build ADS can be simpler and easier to use.