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Teradata® Warehouse Miner™ User Guide - Volume 2ADS Generation

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The Dimension Values to be created are specified one at a time as most every type of SQL expression. One way to create a new dimension value is to click on the New button.

Another way to create one or more new dimension values is to drag and drop one or more columns from the Columns panel to the empty space at the bottom of the Dimensions panel (multiple columns may be dragged and dropped at the same time). Each new dimension is given the same name as the corresponding column dropped onto the empty area. Names are, however, limited to the maximum size in such a way as to ensure uniqueness.

One alternative to dragging and dropping a column is to use the right arrow selection button to move over one column at a time as a new dimension value. Another alternative is to double-click on the column. If the right arrow button is clicked repeatedly, or the column is double-clicked repeatedly, a range of columns may be used to create new dimension values, since the selected column increments each time the arrow is clicked. It should be noted that when a column or column value is selected, the right arrow selection button will only be highlighted if a SQL Element is not selected. This can be ensured if the right-click option to Collapse All Nodes is utilized in the SQL Element view.