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Teradata® Warehouse Miner™ User Guide - Volume 2ADS Generation

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November 2018
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It is possible to create multiple varied copies of a dimension by dropping or selecting multiple columns or values onto a component of a dimension that is not a folder, Text literal or Text Parameter. For the options available when dropping values onto these targets, see Applying Column Values. The options presented to the user when multiple columns or values are dropped onto an element of a Dimension are listed below.
  • Replicate Dimension for each column/value
    • Precede Dimension name with column/value
    • Append column/value to Dimension name
    • Append counter to Dimension name
  • Cancel
When preceding a dimension name with a column name or value, or when appending a column name or value to a dimension name, an underscore ‘_’ character is automatically added as a separator. When string values are introduced, they are first trimmed of leading and trailing whitespace characters. The resulting name is then limited to the first 30 characters.
When appending a column name, value or counter, it is possible to create non-unique names, leading to an error.

Before replicating a dimension, a check is made to see if the maximum number of operations that can be undone by selecting the Undo button will be exceeded. If so, a warning is given to the effect that only the last so many operations can be undone. If the replication is undone, the original dimension with the last value replicated in place of the original target value will remain, possibly along with some number of replicated dimensions.