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Teradata® Warehouse Miner™ User Guide - Volume 2ADS Generation

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This function is only available when connected to a Teradata database.
  • Run Units are affected by a Refresh analysis only when options Generate SQL Only, Target Date or Literal Parameters are used. They are affected by a Publish analysis only when using Target Date or initial Literal Parameters values.
  • If there are Run Unit result sets and a table or view is created in the analysis, you must Load the Results data before it can be viewed.
  • The ODBC option Return Output Parameters As Result Set is set automatically in the internal connection string.
  • It is sometimes necessary to CAST a literal parameter when it is passed as an argument.
  • When a stored procedure has an argument of type TD_ANYTYPE, the user may use the Expression With Alias element’s Attribute field to specify the RETURNS or RETURNS STYLE clause to assign a type to the argument.

    Refer to the Teradata 15.00 SQL Manipulation Language reference manual, B035-1146, specifically Example 10 of the CALL statement.

  • The Sql Text With Arguments Run Unit cannot be used for creating a Stored Procedure or Macro. A separate Free Form SQL analysis with the option Execute as a single statement can create a Stored Procedure or Macro.