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Table Operators require Teradata Release 14.10 or higher.

Table Operators are a type of User-Defined Function, only available when connected to a Teradata database, in which a table is input to the function and a table is returned, rather than a scalar or aggregate value. These functions are only available when connected to a Teradata database. However, Table Operators are not coded in SQL in the style of a function (i.e., with a list of arguments in parentheses following the function name). Parameters are passed as a series of Name/Value pairs, the names varying from function to function.

Table Operators may be user-defined or system-supplied. Because they return a table rather than a value, Table Operators, like Table Functions, may only appear in the FROM clause of a SQL statement. Unlike Table Functions however, more than one Table Operator may appear in a FROM clause, and they may coexist in the FROM clause with tables that have join conditions. They may even be joined with other tables or Table Operators.

As with Table Functions, the SQL elements in this category may only be utilized in Function Tables. Refer to Variable Creation - INPUT - Variables - Function Tables for a description of how Function Tables may be defined, and how the columns in a Function Table may be selected into variables, dimensions, expert clauses, and search expressions. For information about the specific Table Operators listed in this section, refer to the SQL Functions, Operators, Expressions, and Predicates document, B035-1145.

Double-click on Table Operators to view the available operators.

Variable Creation > Input > Variables: SQL Elements pane - Table Operators