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The following table lists the available DATASET methods, and a description of their purpose:

XML, JSON etc.: DATASET Methods
Method Description
AvroProject AvroProject allows for reading specified portions of an Avro instance, without having to read the entire instance.
AvroProjectToJSON AvroProjectToJSON is similar to the AvroProject method, but returns a JSON-encoded Avro value instead of an Avro instance as its result.
ExtractValue Some queries on a DATASET instance are not possible using dot notation. These queries might contain a dot notation expression too large to be expressed in Teradata-SQL, or use characters or words not permitted in the syntax. Additionally, some queries have results that are too large to be returned by a dot notation expression. The ExtractValue method is provided for these types of queries.
getRawData getRawData retrieves the raw data of any DATASET data type instance, returning as a non-LOB type.
getRawDataLob getRawDataLob retrieves the raw data of any DATASET data type instance and returns it as a LOB type.
getRawDataSize getRawDataSize retrieves the size of the raw data for any instance of the DATASET data type.
getSchema getSchema retrieves the schema of any instance of the DATASET data type.
getSchemaSize getSchemaSize retrieves the size of the schema for any instance of a DATASET data type.
toJSON toJSON converts any instance of the DATASET data type into a JSON text instance.
Validate Invokes the Validation method on a DATASET type instance to report back whether data is valid.