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Teradata® Warehouse Miner™ User Guide - Volume 2ADS Generation

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It is possible to create a copy of a variable by holding down the Control key on the keyboard while dragging the variable to another location in the Variables panel. The copy can be placed ahead of another variable by dropping it on that variable, or at the end of the list of variables by dropping it on the empty space at the bottom of the Variables panel. It is also possible to copy a variable in the same manner from another analysis by viewing the other analysis at the same time and dragging the variable from one analysis to the other.

If the Control key is not held down while performing the copy operation just described within the same analysis, the variable is moved from one place to the other (i.e., deleted from its old location and copied to the new one). There are two exceptions to this.
  • First, this is not the case when copying a variable from one analysis to another, in which case a copy operation is always performed, with or without holding down the Control key.
  • The second exception is when moving one child node on top of another child node of the same parent in the expression tree that defines a variable. In this case, the two nodes or sub-expressions are switched. For example, if income and age are added together and age is moved on top of income, the result is to add age and income, reversing the operands.