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Each type of transformation contains default properties that can be changed by editing the properties of the folder node for that type of transformation. When a column is added to a transformation folder node, the default properties currently in effect for that type of transformation are used to set the initial property values for the newly added transformation.

The default properties for each type of transformation are saved along with the analysis so that they will be available if changes are made to the analysis at a later time.

  1. In the ‘Transformations…’ window, click on the folder associated with the type of transformation that you want to set the default properties for.
    Variable Transformation: Bin Code Function

  2. With the folder highlighted, click Properties to bring up the Default Properties dialog for the selected transformation type (Bin Code, in this example).
    You can also double-click on the appropriate transformation folder to bring up the Default Properties dialog for that type of transformation.
    Variable Transformation > Input > Bin Code Properties

    • Apply to existing <transformation type> transformations — If there are already transformations in a folder node when the default properties for that folder node are changed, the user may request that the changes be applied to all existing transformations in that folder. Otherwise, the property values of existing transformations are not changed when default properties are set.
      This option is not available when setting default properties for Derive transformations.