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Teradata® Warehouse Miner™ User Guide - Volume 2ADS Generation

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If a Design Code transformation is in use, a Design Code tab is available on the Properties dialog. Click on Design Code to access the following options:
  • Encoding Style —Select an Encoding Style.
    • Contrast Code — Choose to “contrast-code” all values, resulting in -1/0/1 generated as values.
    • Reference Value — The value for which a -1 will be generated when the column is equal to it. This option only available when Contrast Code is selected.
    • Dummy Code — Choose to “dummy-code” all values, resulting in 0/1 generated as values.
  • Values to Encode
    • Value — A list of values within the column that “dummy-codes” or “contrast-codes” will be generated for. If the Contrast Coding option is selected, the Reference Value must not be listed. Double-click in the area shown to enter the values.
    • Column — The desired name of the result of the Design Coding Analysis. A default name is provided if the values are loaded with the Values… button. The data type generated is BYTEINT.
    • Values — Brings up the design code wizard which determines the distinct values of the column being design coded, and assigns default column names of <value>_<column name> (for example, 123_Department). These columns can be renamed by highlighting them and typing over the current name. The Limits tab on the Tools > Preferences dialog can be used to set a limit on the number of distinct values to display and to request sampling in selecting them.

Special handling is necessary for the default properties of a Design Code transformation. Since the column to be transformed is not yet known, column prefixes are associated with specific values rather than column names. Then, when the default properties are applied to a specific column, the column name is appended to the default prefixes. For example, if the value 0 is associated with the prefix “0_”, when the default properties are applied to the column “amount”, 0 is associated with the column “0_amount”.

After setting values/options on the Properties dialog, click OK to close the Properties dialog. Then continue specifying INPUT and OUTPUT parameters described in the following sections.