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Teradata® Warehouse Miner™ User Guide - Volume 2ADS Generation

Teradata Warehouse Miner
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November 2018
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If a Recode transformation is in use, a Recode tab is available on the Properties dialog. Click on Recode to access the following options:
  • Values to Recode — Specify the individual values to be recoded (in the From column) and the individual values to recode them to (in the To column). Use the Add and Remove buttons as necessary to build a list of value pairs, or use the Values button to create new value pairs with the From value “filled in”.
    • From — Individual existing values within the column to be recoded or replaced.
    • To — Individual new values to replace the corresponding values in the From column.
    • Add — Add an empty From/To value pair to the table of Values to Recode.
    • Remove — Remove the selected value pair from the table of Values to Recode.
    • Values — Selecting the Values button queries the table being transformed to determine the distinct values present in the column being transformed, displaying them in the Recode Values Wizard dialog. The values to be recoded can be selected from this dialog, and upon return to the Properties dialog, the new or recoded values can be filled in. The Limits tab on the Tools > Preferences dialog can be used to set a limit on the number of distinct values to display and to request sampling in selecting them.
  • Recode all other values as
    • NULL
    • SAME
    • (Literal Value) — Enter a literal value in the field provided.

After setting values/options on the Properties dialog, click OK to close the Properties dialog. Then continue specifying INPUT and OUTPUT parameters described in the following sections.