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Teradata® Warehouse Miner™ User Guide - Volume 2ADS Generation

Teradata Warehouse Miner
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November 2018
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  1. On the Merge dialog box, click on INPUT.
  2. Click on data selection.
    Merge > Input > Data Selection

  3. On this screen, select:
    • Select Input Source — Users may select between different sources of input. By selecting the Table option, the user can select from available databases, tables (or views) and columns in the usual manner. By selecting the Analysis option, however, the user can select directly from the output of another analysis of qualifying type in the current project. Analyses that may be selected from directly include all of the Analytic Data Set (ADS) and Reorganization analyses (except Refresh). In place of Available Databases, the user may select from Available Analyses, while Available Tables then contains a list of all the output tables that will eventually be produced by the selected analysis, or it contains a single entry with the name of the analysis under the label Volatile Table, representing the output of the analysis that is ordinarily produced by a Select statement. For more information, see INPUT Tab in the Teradata Warehouse Miner User Guide (Volume 1), B035-2300.

      When selecting from an analysis other than a Variable Transformation, whose option to Generate the SQL for this analysis, but do not execute it is set to true and whose option to Store the tabular output of this analysis in the database is not set to true, the SQL generated for the referenced analysis is embedded as a derived table in the SQL for this analysis, rather than the SQL for this analysis selecting from a volatile table created by the referenced analysis.

    • Select Columns From Two or More Tables
      • Available Databases (or Analyses) — All the databases (or analyses) that are available for the Merge analysis.
      • Available Tables — All the tables that are available for the Merge analysis.
      • Available Columns — All the columns within the selected table that are available for the Merge analysis.
      • Selected Columns — Select columns by highlighting and then either dragging and dropping into the Selected Columns window, or click on the arrow button to move highlighted columns into the Selected Columns window. Columns in any of the selected tables may be renamed if desired by single-clicking on them.

        It may be necessary to ensure matching column names in the various selected tables if this analysis is one that is refreshed by a Refresh analysis. This is because column limiting may occur unevenly if columns in the merged tables have different names, leading to the error Corresponding select list expressions are incompatible.