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Teradata® Warehouse Miner™ User Guide - Volume 2ADS Generation

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The Export Matrix analysis exports the matrix data values built by the Matrix analysis in one of the following forms:
The form is not specified when the matrix is built, yet the matrix can be requested in any form when it is exported.
  • Pearson-product moment correlations (COR)
  • Covariances (COV)
  • Sums of squares and cross-products (SSCP)
  • Corrected Sums of squares and cross-products (CSSCP)
The exported matrices can take on one of the following formats:
  • SAS DataStep
  • Teradata Table
  • Viewable Results

If a SAS data step script is created to build a “special” (matrix) SAS data set, the script will produce, when executed with a SAS application, a data set with the same name as the SAS file name. This function automatically appends “.sas” to the end of the requested output (script) name, and SAS will create a .log file when the script is executed.

If a table containing the matrix is created, the table contains one column for each column used to build the matrix, with the same name as the original column, or the alias, if any, which was given to the Matrix analysis. In addition, an XIDX column is added to the front of the result table, along with an XCOL column containing the name of the original column or alias.

To view the correlation, covariance, SSCP or CSSCP matrix, specify no Output options on the analysis parameters tab. After the analysis has executed, click on the Results tab to view the matrix.