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Teradata® Warehouse Miner™ User Guide - Volume 2ADS Generation

Teradata Warehouse Miner
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November 2018
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  1. On the Matrix dialog, click on INPUT.
  2. Click on analysis parameters.
    Export Matrix > Input > Analysis Parameters

  3. On this screen, select:
    • Matrix Type — Provides options for the specific type of matrix to export.

      • Correlation — Export the matrix values as Pearson-product moment correlations.
      • Covariance — Export the matrix values as Covariances.
      • SSCP — Export the matrix values as an extended Sums of squares and cross-products, with the column of constant 1’s labeled INTERCEPT.
      • CSSCP — Export the matrix values as Corrected Sums of squares and cross-products.
    • Output Options
      • Create a SAS DataStep based on this Matrix — Build the matrix results within a SAS DataStep script.
        • Use truncated (8 character) Column Names — Check to force column/alias name to 8 characters or less.
        • File Name — You can use the Browse button to bring up a standard Browse dialog, to choose a location to save the exported Flat File, Report or SAS Data Step.
      • Create a Database Table based on this matrix — Build the matrix results as a Teradata table. The first column of this table, XIDX, provides an index by which to sort the rows in the table. The second column, XCOL, contains the names of the input columns, which when sorted by the first column, will match the names of the rest of the columns in the table.
        • Database Name — Name of the database to contain the exported matrix table.
        • Table Name — Name of the exported matrix table.
        • Advertise Output — This feature “advertises” output by inserting information into one or more of the Advertise Output metadata tables. For more information, see Advertise Output in the Teradata Warehouse Miner User Guide (Volume 1), B035-2300.
        • Advertise Note — An advertise note may be specified if desired when the Advertise Output option is selected or when the Always Advertise option is selected on the Connection Properties dialog. It is a free-form text field of up to 30 characters that may be used to categorize or describe the output.

    By default, if Output Options are not checked, the output is made available in the RESULTS viewer in the form of a table. The number of rows and columns displayed is limited to 500. To view a very large matrix, it is recommended that you use the OUTPUT option to create a table and then view the table using Teradata Studio or in a Free Form SQL analysis. Otherwise, there is a risk of running out of memory or experiencing a very slow response time.