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Teradata® Warehouse Miner™ User Guide - Volume 2ADS Generation

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November 2018
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The following example contains a Variable Creation analysis that is referenced by a PMML Score and is then published.

Parameterize a Variable Creation Analysis named Variable Creation1 as follows.

  1. Select TWM_CUSTOMER_ANALYSIS as the Available Table.
  2. Select all the columns in the input table into the Variables panel.
  3. Go to the OUTPUT-storage tab.
  4. Select Store the tabular output of this analysis in the database. Specify that a Table should be created named twm_tutorials_vc1.
  5. Run the analysis.
  6. Parameterize a PMML Scoring Analysis named PMML Scoring1 to score a Decision Tree model which predicts a discrete outcome as follows:
    • Select Input Source — Analysis
    • Available Analyses — Variable Creation1
    • Available Tables — twm_publish_vc1
    • Select File Name — DecisionTreeDiscretePMML.xml (located in Scripts\PMML UDF Install under the directory where the application is installed)
    • Index Columns — cust_id

    Output - Storage

    • Result Table Name — twm_publish_score1
    • Model Output Options
      • P_ccacct1 — Enabled
      • P_ccacct0 — Enabled
  7. Run the analysis.
  8. Parameterize a Publish Analysis named Publish1 as follows:
    • Available Analyses to Publish — PMML Scoring1
    • Name of Model to Publish — PMML Scoring Demo
    • Published By — Tutorial User
    • Version — 1
    • Expiration Date — 1/1/2017
    • Description — This is a demo of the Publish Analysis.
  9. Click on the button in the bottom center of the input screen. This will open a pop-up window.
  10. Click on the button within the pop-up window to see the following screens.
    Publish Results Preview screen (Step 1)

    Publish Results Preview screen (Step 2)

    Publish Results Preview screen (Step 3)

    Publish Results Preview screen (Step 4)

    The final Publish Results screen shows the Score SQL to be Published (not shown here).

  11. Click on the button to execute the Publish analysis and store the information in the Publish Tables.
  12. Click on Results to view what was published.
  13. Select the report tab to view the report portion as shown below, and the SQL tab to view the SQL (not shown here).
    Publish > Results > Report