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October 2019
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SQL Call

SELECT * FROM TextMorph (
  ON words_input
  WordColumn ('word')
  SingleOutput ('false')
  POS ('noun', 'verb')
  Accumulate ('id', 'word')
) AS dt ORDER BY id;


For the input word better, the function does not find noun and verb morphs. However, the function finds better in the dictionary as both a noun and a verb, so it outputs those.

With SingleOutput ('false'), the words better and father appear in the output table as both nouns and verbs.

 id word       morph      pos  
 -- ---------- ---------- ---- 
  1 regression regression noun
  3 better     better     verb
  3 better     better     noun
  4 datum      datum      noun
  7 father     father     noun
  7 father     father     verb
  8 juniors    junior     noun
  9 doing      do         verb
 10 being      be         verb
 11 negating   negate     verb
 12 yearly     yearly     noun

Download a zip file of all examples and a SQL script file that creates their input tables from the attachment in the left sidebar.