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June 2020
Programming Reference

The following visualization tools display geospatial data stored as Teradata Database ST_Geometry types.

Visualization Tool Description
MapServer MapServer is an open source multi-platform Web mapping development environment developed at the University of Minnesota. It uses script files and form variables to configure the page output. It can be used to display geospatial data stored as Teradata Database ST_Geometry types from a web server running on Windows. MapServer interfaces with Teradata via a plug-in dll called MSTDPlugin.dll.

The MapServer plug-in is available from

Use MapServer when you have polygons or non-latitude, non-longitude data.

Google Maps Use of Google Maps/Google Earth APIs requires a license. For more information, see Google Maps/Google Earth APIs Terms of Service. These APIs let you embed Google Maps in your web pages with JavaScript.

Use Google Maps when you have point data or linestring data where the coordinates are longitude and latitude.