12.04 - Measurement History - Server Management

Teradata Server Management Web Services User Guide

Server Management
January 2017
User Guide
The Measurement History window contains the measurement history of each selected chassis.
Label Description
Previous / Next buttons When the number of records retrieved exceeds the Number of records displayed option, which is set in the Measurement History dialog box, you can use Next and Previous to display more records.
Chassis Specifies the path, default alias, or Component ID of the chassis, depending on the option set for the Tree View.
Type Indicates the type of chassis.
Model Indicates the model of chassis.
Time Stamp Specifies the date and time the measurement was performed.
Location Identifies the location of the component performing the measurement.
Property Name Specifies the chassis component whose measurement information is displayed.
Unit Indicates the units the measurement information is recorded in.
Property Value Indicates the measurement.
Managed Element ID Specifies the unique name and CIM path of the component whose measurement information is displayed.