Create/Send/Archive/Delete System Messages | Teradata AppCenter - 1.9 - Creating, Archiving, and Deleting System Messages - Teradata AppCenter

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Teradata AppCenter
December 2019
User Guide

"" Root User

System messages are alerts that AppCenter sends to users. Root users can create, archive, and delete messages, and review archived messages.

Only one active message is visible to users. All archived messages are available to the root user.

  1. Select "" > Settings > System Messages, then do one of the following:
    Option Action
    Create system message
    1. Select Create Message.

      Once saved, the message is available to users, and a notification appears.

    Archive system message
    1. In Current Message, select Archive.

      AppCenter moves the message to Past Messages, and it is no longer available to users.

    View archived message
    1. In the Past Messages pane, select the message.
    Delete system message You can delete only archived messages.
    1. In the Past Messages pane, select "".