17.00 - Installing Teradata Tools and Utilities - Teradata Tools and Utilities

Teradata® Tools and Utilities for Apple macOS Installation Guide

Teradata Tools and Utilities
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June 2020
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You need administrator privileges to perform this procedure.
  1. From the media or downloaded package folder, double-click the .pkg file.
  2. Click Continue.
  3. Read the license agreement, and then click Continue.
  4. Click Agree.

  5. Choose one of the following:
    • Click Install to install BTEQ, Teradata Wallet, and ODBC Driver for Teradata.
    • Click Change Install Location to select a different drive.
      1. Select the hard drive where you want the software installed.
      2. Click Continue.
      3. Click Install.
    • Click Customize to select the products to be installed.
      1. Select the products to be installed.
      2. Click Install.
      3. [Optional] Select Standard Install to return to the Standard Install screen.
  6. Enter the admin username and password, and then click Install Software.
  7. When the installation is complete, click Close.
A Teradata Client 17.00 folder is created in the Applications folder. It contains the following applications:
  • BTEQ
  • TDWallet
  • Uninstaller
  • ListProducts
If you double-click BTEQ or TDWallet, a terminal window appears.