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May 2022
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Users can be activated and deactivated. Search for users by status by selecting "" in the upper right corner then selecting a status from the drop-down menu.
  1. Select "" > User management > Accounts.
  2. Do one of the following:
    Option Steps
    Add a user
    1. Select Create New.
    2. Enter a First Name, Last Name, User Name, and Email Address.
      The User Name must match the user name returned by LDAP.
    3. On the Roles tab, select the Roles to assign to this user. To assign all roles, select the check box next to Role Name.

      Select "" to search for a role.

    4. On the Permissions tab, select the Permissions to assign to this user. To assign all permissions, select the box next to Permission Name.

      Select "" to search for a permission.

      Permissions are intended for use by individual users versus a group of users. For example, a user can be set up with permission not intended for use by a group of users.

    5. Select Save.

      If you change focus from the user information without first saving your changes, you are not prompted to save any changes before navigating away.

    When a new user record is saved, the user is considered activated.

    Update a user
    1. Select "" > Edit.
    2. Modify the First Name, Last Name, User Name, Email Address, Roles, or Permissions.
    3. Select Save.
    Activate a user
    1. Select "" > Activate.
    Deactivate a user
    1. Select "" > Deactivate.

      The User Status is Inactive.

    Delete a user
    1. Select "" > Delete.
    2. Select Delete again to confirm the deletion.