1.1 - Creating a Cluster Segment - Teradata Analytic Apps - Vantage Analyst

Vantage Analyst with Machine Learning Engine User Guide

Teradata Analytic Apps
Vantage Analyst
Release Number
December 2019
English (United States)
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After analyzing the results and and identifying clusters for additional study, you can save the selected clusters as a segment.

For example, a cluster saved as a segment allows you to add the analysis to a workflow or a Vantage Customer Experience customer list.

You can create segments from the Cluster table view.

  1. Click "" to display a table view.
  2. [Optional] Click ADD FILTER to create a filter and display specific clusters based on the filter.
    Use the Selected filter to display only the clusters you have selected.
  3. Select at least one cluster to include in the segment, and then click CREATE SEGMENT.
  4. Select a Database and select (or create) a Destination table for the segment.
    Standard character requirements for Advanced SQL Engine tables apply.
    If you enter a prefix used for existing tables, those tables are overwritten.
  5. Do any of the following:
    Click Description
    SHOW SQL Preview the generated SQL for the segment.
    SAVE RESULTS Save the results of this segment for additional analysis