1.1 - Defining Cluster Parameters and Running Analysis - Teradata Analytic Apps - Vantage Analyst

Vantage Analyst with Machine Learning Engine User Guide

Teradata Analytic Apps
Vantage Analyst
Release Number
December 2019
English (United States)
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PrerequisiteThe database user for Cluster must have CREATE TABLE permission.
  1. Select "" > Cluster.
  2. On Select system page, select the System, and your authentication method:
    Option Description
    Use current session Use the current user's session.
    Enter credentials Enter the Username and Password of a user with access to the selected system.
  3. Define the parameters for analysis.
    Parameter Description
    Data source Select the Database, Table, Identifier column, and Sample size.
    The Identifier column must be unique.
    You can also specify additional options such:
    • Scaling method: You can use Std (standard deviation), Midrange (distance from mean), or No scaling.
    • Number of clusters to generate from the data
    • Maximum number of iterations that the algorithm runs before quitting if the convergence threshold has not been met.
    Analysis type Select the type of analysis to perform: KMeans or KModes.

    See Cluster Analysis Types.

    Target columns Select at least 2 columns from the Data source.
  4. [Optional] Click SHOW SQL then PREVIEW SQL to preview the generated SQL.
  5. Click RUN.
    If you change the parameters, select RUN again.
  6. Select a Database, enter a unique Prefix to identify the output table created by the analysis, and click RUN ANALYSIS.
    Standard character requirements for Advanced SQL Engine tables apply.
    If you enter a prefix used for existing tables, those tables are overwritten.