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Vantage Analyst with Machine Learning Engine User Guide

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December 2019
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  1. Review the tree diagram.
    Using the results of this example, you can do the following:
    • Determine that BILL DISPUTE is the dominant factor driving customers to CANCEL SERVICE.
    • Create a Segment with customers who are on the path to churn.
    • Add the results to a predictive model such as Model.
    • Use this information to work with business teams to address the root cause.

    Sample Tree Diagram

  2. Expand or collapse path nodes, show the dominant path, or review the underlying SQL query.
    Action Steps
    Select dominant path Click SELECT DOMINANT.
    View user paths Click EXPAND ALL.

    Click COLLAPSE ALL to reduce number of paths.

    Expand path Click "".
    Collapse path, after it is expanded Click "".
    Display number of records Click Show Count Labels.
    View underlying SQL query Click SHOW SQL to review or copy underlying SQL query.
    View results in a table Click "".
    View results as a path Click "".
    Reverse Event A and Event B Click "", then click RUN.
    Show and hide parameter sidebar Click "".