1.1 - Analyzing the Text Cloud - Teradata Analytic Apps - Vantage Analyst

Vantage Analyst with Machine Learning Engine User Guide

Teradata Analytic Apps
Vantage Analyst
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December 2019
English (United States)
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  1. Review the text cloud.
    • For Sentiment analysis, positive terms are green; negative terms are red.

      Use High contrast mode to change the colors in the word cloud.

    • For Key Term analysis, terms are randomly colored.
  2. Select any of the following to modify the cloud:
    Action Steps
    Increase or decrease the number of words in the text cloud Use Number of words.
    Increase or decrease the difference in each words' size to indicate their frequency Use Font size ratio.

    The higher the ratio, the bigger difference between the words' sizes.

    Save a copy of the text cloud to your PC Click DOWNLOAD SVG.

    The system saves an image of the text cloud to your PC named word-cloud.svg.

  3. Select any of the following:
    Click Description
    "" Word cloud showing the relative frequency of each term.
    "" Table view of the top 500 terms and their frequency.

    For Sentiment analysis, Text also displays the sentiment for each term.

    You can apply filters and create segments from the table view.

    "" For Sentiment analysis, displays:
    • Statistics: Positive and negative scores
    • Box plot: Distribution of data
    • Lift: Overall performance of specific terms

    You can create segments from the statistics view.

  4. [Optional] Make changes to the parameters and select RUN to see updated results.